Housing Improvement Loan (Rural)


Housing Improvement Loan (Rural)


Housing Loan (Tameer)





Minimum Amount

200 dollars / AFA 14,000


Maximum Amount first cycle

10,000 dollars / AFA 700,000


Admin Fee

1 % of Disbursed Amount


Maximum increment for loan renewal

Subsequent loans, based on project requirement


loan depending on repayment capacity, cost of improvement and collateral.


Possibility to have two outstanding loans for a customer

Yes, but the sum of the two loan amounts should not exceed 10,000 USD/ AFA 700,000 The debt ratio and repayment capacity of combined debts should stay within


FMFB acceptable limits


Maximum loan size as a percentage of property value

The loan amount may not exceed forty (40) percent of the appraised value of the home after project completion


Maximum loan size as a percentage of project cost

The loan amount may not exceed 70% of the estimated project cost borrowers contribution may only be in the form of cash or kind (sweat equity)


Minimum duration

6 months


Maximum duration

36 months



Monthly and Seasonal


Max. Grace Period per annum (months)

Regular (Salaried): 1-3
Urban: 1-3


Interest Rate (Declining)



Interest Rate (Flat)







Third party guaranty



For Loans below USD 1000 only third party gurantees and above USD 1000 Title Deed (House, Business, land, commercial building etc) + Third Party Guarantee


Purpose of Loan

Incremental and new house construction, rebuilding after disasters, renovations and/or expansion of structures, and connection to domestic utilities like water and electricity; septic tanks/wells; construction of boundary walls, windows, kitchen, toilets, tubewell etc.



Valid NID CardAge between 18-65 yearsPositive loan history with FMFB

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