• Transfer and receive funds by SWIFT through a network of FMFB correspondent banks to most parts of the world
  • Receive and transfer funds locally like any other commercial bank in Afghanistan.


Bank Name:          The First Microfinance Bank-Afghanistan          SWIFT Code: FMFBAFKAXXX

Bank Address:       Plot No. 148, Street # 4, Ansari Square, Kolola Pushta Road, Shahr-e-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Our Correspondent Banks Details

Curr Correspondent Bank SWIFT/BIC Account No CP FX MM Other
EUR Habib Bank Limited,  Brussels HABBBEBB Account Number: BE41 6580 70437110 CP FX MM
USD Habib Bank Limited, Brussels HABBBEBB Account Number: B30 6580 7043 7211 FX MM
USD Habibsons Bank Limited, London HABBGB2L Account Number: 7001835 CP FX MM
EUR Habibsons Bank Limited, London HABBGB2L Account Number 7001834 CP FX MM