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Nooria Haidari

Investing in Growth

Nooria Haidari is a 40-year old woman managing two beauty parlors in Herat. Her husband is unable to find regular employment; Nooria has become the de facto breadwinner for her family. She has four daughters and two sons, who are all attending formal education.

She has been preoccupied with her business for the last 15 years. Her family lives in rented accommodation and hopes to be able to acquire her own home in the future, which would also be an investment for her children. When she heard about The First Microfinance Bank (FMFB) housing loan, she applied and received AFN 150,000, which she used to purchase a plot of land. She took a second loan of AFN 200,000 and together with her own savings; she was able to finance the construction of a small house on her own property.

With the third loan of AFN 200,000, Nooria Haidari opened another beauty parlor and expanded her business in Herat city. She also hired two employees to work for her in the second parlor.

Besides providing beauty services to customers, Nooria Haidari also trains eight students in her field, earning an extra AFN 3,000 per student on a monthly basis.

By opening the second beauty parlor, her monthly income increased from AFN 100,000 to AFN 180,000.

She plans to expand her chain of beauty parlors in other areas of the city and aims to create more job opportunities for other women.