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Product Description:

The Current Account is a transactional account that will be based on the Islamic financial principle of Qard (benevolent / interest-free loan). Under this Account, the Customer and the Bank establish a loan arrangement (as specified in the Bank’s General Terms & Conditions), whereby the Customer will be the lender and the Bank will be the borrower. The parties agree that the Bank shall return the funds placed in the current account upon the Customer’s demand (through cash withdrawal, funds transfer or any other means the bank offers). The Bank may deploy the funds placed in the Account in Shariah Compliant activities for the Bank’s own benefit and at its own risk. The Bank will not pay profit or any other form of return on the sums deposited in the Account as any amount paid in addition to (or on top of) a loan amount is Riba.

Account Features

KPIs Current Account (Qard-ul-Hassan)
Currencies AFN – USD – EUR
Initial Balance Individuals: AFN 2,500, USD 50, EURO 50
Corporates:  AFN 50,000, USD 500, EURO 500
Minimum Balance Individuals: AFN 2,500, USD 50, EURO 50
Corporates:   AFN 50,000, USD 500, EURO 500
Withdrawals Permitted at any time
Cheque Book Issuance Yes
Account Statement Monthly
Fall below min fee Not Required
Closure Charges Not Required
Facilities / Benefits 1) Free SME Alert Upon Debit and Credit
2) Free Debit MasterCard and Af-Pay Card Issuance
3) Free Monthly statement will be sent to customer
4) Free Balance Inquiry
5) Free Online banking Facility
Debit ATM card Yes
Dormancy Fee N/A
E-channel services Online banking, mobile banking, SMS alert upon deposit and withdrawal

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