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Product Description:

The Product is designed as a Shariah compliant finance facility based on the Islamic financial principle of Murabaha.

Products based on Murabaha are widely used in Islamic finance. Under these products, the Bank purchases a Shariah compliant asset(s) (e.g., home appliances, furniture, equipment…etc.) from a third-party supplier (for the Cost Price) and subsequently sells it to its Customer on Murabaha basis. The Murabaha Price payable by the Customer is the sum of the Cost Price paid to purchase the asset from the supplier plus a defined Profit amount. The asset(s) is usually delivered immediately, while the Murabaha Price is paid on a deferred payment basis in accordance with the agreed payment plan.

Find out if you are eligible:

  1. Must be an Afghani citizen.
  2. Age between 18 and 60 years.
  3. Must be a depositor of the Bank (current or savings account is acceptable).
  4. Satisfactory cash flow and credit requirements as per credit policy of the Bank.
  5. Must be employed full-time for a period of 1 year (for salaried individuals).
  6. Must be running a business for at least 1 year (for self-employed).

Product Features

Parameter Description
Purpose of Financing Acquisition of a wide variety of consumer and business durable goods and equipment (such as washing machines, laptops, furniture, home improvement material, industrial machines, farming machines etc.)
Max Finance Amount Retail/Microfinance: AFN 25,000 to AFN 500,000 or equivalent in USD

SMEs: AFN 500,001 to AFN 15,000,000 or equivalent in USD

Corporate: AFN 15,000,001 to AFN 300,000,000 or equivalent in USD

Min / Max Finance Tenor
  • Microfinance: Min 6 Months and Max 24 Months
  • SME: Min 6 Months and Max 36 months
  • Corporate: Min- 6 months and Max 60 Months
Grace Period Retail/ Microfinance:3-10 Months, depending to the nature of business cashflow

SMEs: 3-6 Months, depending to the nature of business cashflow

Corporate: 3-6 Months, depending to the nature of business cashflow

Profit Calculation Flat/Declining
Payments Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs)

Seasonal repayment option for agriculture finance

Security Microfinance: Original title deed of property and one guarantor (no title deed for amount less than AFN 100,000 or equivalent in USD. However, two guarantors are a must.

SMEs & Corporate: Original title deed of property + Guarantor/Stock, Registered/ Hypothecation charge on entire present & future current assets of the business. Personal/Financial guarantees.

Collateral security coverage ratio: The property coverage value/after haircut should be at least 120% of the finance amount

Early Repayment Allowed – Special calculations apply
Account Statement Once a year

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