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Wakala Fixed Term Deposit Accounts


Product Description:

The Accounts will be based on the Islamic financial structure of Wakala, allowing the Bank’s customers to receive profit on their deposited funds.

Under the Accounts, the customer enters into a Wakala arrangement with the Bank, whereby the customer appoints the Bank as his agent to invest the customer’s deposited funds in Shariah compliant transactions with the aim of generating profit. The customer and the Bank agree on the terms of the Wakala including, among others, the investment amount, tenor and Expected Profit Rate (“EPR”). The Bank invests the funds available in the customer’s Account in different Shariah-compliant investment transactions (such as financing the Bank’s customers wishing to purchase properties, purchase and sale of Shariah-compliant instruments (such as Sukuk) or through placements with other Islamic banks/windows) and pays the due profit to the customer’s account on the agreed maturity date. Any profit exceeding the Expected Profit will be given to the Bank as a reward for good performance.

Account Features

KPIs Wakala Fixed Term Deposit
Currencies AFN, USD
Initial Balance AFN 500,000, USD 5,000
Minimum Balance Not Required
Tenor 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years
Profit Calculation End of month balance
Profit Payment On maturity of deposit
Tier-based Profit Rates Yes (higher expected profit rates will be given to longer periods)
Withdrawals Not permitted before maturity except with special approval from Bank
Rollover Yes, principal only or principal + profit
Cheque Book Issuance N/A
Overdraft facility N/A
Account Statement N/A – only deposit certificate is provided
Maintenance Fee N/A
Closure Charges N/A
Facilities / Benefits 1) Accounts can be opened in AFN and USD
2) Competitive Profit rate
3) Multiple roll over options
4) 24/7 access to account via FMFB-A online banking services.
4) Deposit Certificate will be issue
Debit ATM card N/A
Dormancy Fee N/A
E-channel services Online banking, mobile banking, SMS alert upon deposit opening & rollover/renewal.

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