How Can I register myself for this service?

Before using Peer to Peer (P2P) Services, you need to visit one of the nearest FMFB-A’s branches to fill the Online Banking Registration Form and select “online banking services section”. Any Individual who have access to FMFB-A online banking can use from this service.

How can I create or ADD a payee?

You can only initiate a money transfer when the payee to whom transfers are required to be made are registered in your online banking application. For the complete guideline of different types of Payee (Internal, Domestic and International) contact with FMFB-A Call center team. 1) Payee Name2) Upload Photo3) Account type (Internal, Domestic and International)4) … Read more

international fund transfer

Transfer Funds/Money enables you to initiate payment from your bank account to any other bank account without visiting the bank, enjoying from the ease of your home through online banking. Payments are categorized on the basis of transfer to account within your own accounts, the bank, outside the bank and beyond geographical boundaries, such as; … Read more