SMS Banking
Online Banking


Our Offerings

Micro Enterprise Loan (Khodkefa)
Agriculture loans (Zaraat & Zaare)
Livestock Loans (Maldari & Maldar)
Housing Incremental Loan (Tameer)
Personal Consumption Loan (Shakhsi)
Quality of Life Loans (Student, vehicle, marriage, healthcare and home appliance loans)
Solar Energy Loan
SME Term Loan and SME Overdraft
ATM- Af-Pay Debit Card
Online Banking (Individual)
Online Banking (Corporate)
Cheque Book issuance
Currency Exchange
Savings and current accounts for the Low- and high-income level and MSME
Women savings account
High-yield Savings Account
Term Deposit
Remittance (from Afghanistan to abroad and from abroad to Afghanistan) through SWIFT
Payroll Services

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading microfinance services provider contributing to poverty alleviation and economic development through the provision of sustainable financial services primarily targeting at the micro and small businesses and households. To reduce poverty, diminish the vulnerability of poor populations and alleviate economic and social exclusion, it aims to help people become self-reliant and eventually gain the skills needed to graduate into the mainstream financial markets.