Corporate Governance

The First Microfinance Bank, Afghanistan (FMFB-A) Board of Supervisors continues to uphold a high level of corporate governance, ensuring that the Bank’s management practices are always aligned with the principles of good governance. FMFB-A has a robust corporate governance structure with multi-level systems designed to provide accountability and transparency of decisions at all levels of the organization. The Board of Supervisors of FMFB-A consisted of distinguished and eminent ex-pats. The Board has been equipped to provide direction and guidance to the Management of the Bank for conducting the Bank’s affairs most prudently. The experiences of Bank are managed by highly qualified, professional, experienced, and seasoned bankers. The Management Board of the Bank and the Audit Committee provide quality leadership for the effective administration of the Bank.

The Bank has the below-required governance structure in place:

  • General Assembly

  • Board of Supervisors

  • Committees

    • Independent Audit Committee

    • Risk Management Committee

    • Finance Committee

    • Nomination Committee

    • Human Resources Committee

  • Board of Management

  • Shariah Board

The shareholders, the Board of Supervisors (BoS), and the Management Board have been working on improving the corporate governance and overall management of the Bank. This is done by ensuring that appropriately qualified and experienced people are hired in the BoS and Management cadre of the Bank. The Bank follows corporate governance regulation through good internal controls, policies, and procedures.